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Moveo Nordic is a frontrunner in the field of career development and career training for researchers. Moveo Nordic has specialised competencies within career- and talent development for researchers at postdoctoral level.


The name Moveo Nordic was chosen because the Nordic countries are “our world” in so many ways. Moveo is a Latin word, which means to set in motion, to move or relocate. This is what Moveo Nordic is all about. We help researchers and scientists to move on in their career and work life. Participants in Moveo Nordic’s workshops and courses are encouraged to think deeper about the meaning and direction of their work life as well as their career choices and decisions. We can help you assess your career drivers and motivations and give you useful tools to move your career in the right direction.


We offer open courses and workshops with effective results for postdocs in academia, industrial postdocs, assistant professors and associate professors. We also deliver tailored in-house seminars, workshops and longer development programmes for universities, faculties, departments and research institutions. Our courses are available in English, Danish and Swedish.

Career courses for researchers

Postdoc – and now what?

Career development course for researchers at postdoctoral level

In this workshop we will help you to get a deeper understanding of your career drivers and to focus on transition processes. The workshop will help you to develop your abilities to handle career crossroads and strengthen your career decision-making and goal setting skills.


This course includes:

•A two-day workshop.

Dates and registration information are available upon request

•Decision Dynamic Career Model test

•Individual feedback session on the career test

•Course certificate


Strategic Training Course - for researchers at associate professor level

This course will help you to increase your awareness of strategic career management and personal leadership, and it will strengthen your ability to think strategically. The course will enhance your skills to focus your priorities and your efforts. You will learn how to craft your goals into a strategy plan and how to power your professional networking.


This course includes:

A two-day workshop.

Dates and registration information are available upon request

•An individual coaching session

•Course certificate


Course leader


Monika Janfelt, fil. dr. has conducted several career courses and programmes for postdocs and assistant professors both in Denmark and Norway. She helps researchers with their next career move and to reflect on their career decisions, leadership skills and how to manage career transitions and strategic goals.


Monika Janfelt has a comprehensive experience from the university sector due to her background as a researcher and associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark, and she has several years of experience as a coach and consultant. In addition to her Ph.D. and dr.phil. degrees from Åbo Academy in Finland, she has an EMCC accredited systemic coach education, is a certified test user and is furthermore educated in the fields of business psychology and career counselling. You can read more at www.janfelt.dk

New book: Karriere - kunsten at flytte sig, Moveo Publishing (2017). Read more at www.janfelt.dk

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